A Framework to Animate WPF and Silverlight Pages Similar to the PowerPoint Slides

WPF and Silverlight have many things to say in terms of features and capabilities, but unlike many Microsoft products, they are not some kind of Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework. In this paper, I developed a plug & play framework to animate page entrance and page exit in the WPF and Silverlight applications similar to the Powerpoint slides. The advantages of the framework are plug & play deployment and its capability of extensions. In fact, the framework can be used in a RAD manner.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) supports browser-style navigation that can be used in two types of applications: standalone applications and XAML browser applications (XBAPs). To package content for navigation, WPF provides the Page class [MSDN]. The WPF support of page navigation is very similar to the page navigation in the web. Each page has its own content and each page can contain hyperlinks to point to other pages similar to the web. But unlike the web, WPF has great build in support for animations. It would be a good idea if the WPF pages could be animated; similar to the slides of the MS PowerPoint. In the MS PowerPoint, user just selects an animation for the slide entrance and an animation for the slide movement. Although, one can easily define Storyboards and Transforms and then assign them to the pages, but it makes the XAML code too crowded. The problem is the fact that the stupid Storyboard and its target have to be in the same NameScope. In practical, many developers prefer to don’t have such fancy graphic feature in case it makes their codes complicated. The ideal is a framework that can be easily deployed without any risk and whenever the developer doesn’t like it, he/she could remove it without any cost; here is the main requirement we wanted from the framework.

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